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Guide - Go Forth

Sale price$95.00

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Guide - Go Forth
Guide - Go Forth Sale price$95.00

We're doing our part

Our Environmental Commitments

Sustainable materials

We chose TPU coated nylon, which is a recyclable material. We avoided any environmentally toxic PVC in the product or production of the product. We try to reduce plastics used in product packaging whenever possible, for example using craft paper instead of disposable plastic bags. 

Long-lasting design

Guide utilizes extremely durable nylon material which is very, very difficult to break or wear down. It is designed to last for a very long time instead of being a disposable item like a plastic grocery bag.

Reusability and recyclability

The material is washable inside and out to make long term reuse a pleasant and sanitary experience.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing

Our production partners are specialists that avoid use of the cheaper, but environmentally harmful PVC material.

Material: Although both versions use coated nylon, they are made from different types of material. The material used in True North is slightly denser, which creates a defined shape and feeling of durability. The material that Go Forth is made of is less dense, but slightly easier to compress and a bit more lightweight. True North has more of an accentuated shape, while Go Forth has more of a “soft” look.

Zipper: Go Forth’s zipper covers 2 sides of the bag, while True North’s zipper covers 3 sides of the bag. True North’s 3 sided zipper makes fitting multiple items in the bag at once and cleaning easier.

Straps: True North’s straps are wider and are somewhat easier to adjust. These features represent minor improvements rather than major differences, but make True North ever so slightly more suitable for those who plan to enjoy Guide as a standalone bag.

We think that you can't go wrong with either True North or Go Forth - it just depends on your intended use, aesthetic preferences and budget.

Compare the size and weight differences between Go Forth and True North.