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Article: The Backstory of Guide

The Backstory of Guide

Guide came about because although we like to stay clean and organized, we would always end up with dirty stuff to deal with. Think sweaty activewear, wet jackets, or sandy board shorts. Or, we'd end up out in the city in the rain with a laptop. And the typical solutions just didn’t cut it.

Plastic bags aren’t reliable, reusable or friendly to the environment. Dry bags aren't easy to seal, aesthetically versatile or made to be used alone. Compression bags aren't durable,  effective without a vacuum or made to be worn. 

So, we decided to get self-reliant: "Let's just create exactly what we want".

Over 15 months, we contacted 50+ suppliers, revised designs, and did some crazy product testing (involving sharp objects, a commercial laundromat, a freezer, sea salt and a hair dryer). There were hiccups along the way but we've been able to create what we wanted: a truly functional waterproof bag with just the right amount of features and a timeless aesthetic. We’re particularly proud of our innovations: the 6 point strap system, integrated zipper pull tabs, and randoseru inspired form. 

Guide is the bag we were searching for. We’re confident that no matter the situation, Guide (and you) are up for it.

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About Agency and the Team

About Agency and the Team

Hello! We're Matt and Zack, the creators behind Agency. We're good friends who met during a college study abroad program in Tokyo.  We both share a burning curiosity, an interest in product d...

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